An Introduction


I have been honing my obsession with names since I was a little girl – when I was about 9 years old, I decided to give myself 10 middle names and regularly recited them to people: Penelope Noelle Winnie Stroda Data Eliza Mae Marie Claire Hillary.  Yeah…who knows where I got half those names from! But I still love a few. Point being, I’ve been passionate about names since I was a wee lass.  Eventually I accepted that my three given names were enough for me, but my fascination with names has never stopped.  I love studying names and discovering new ones (that is, finding deliciously rich, meaningful and storied words that would make great names.)

This blog is called Boheminames for a reason: all of the names I truly love have a decidedly bohemian sensibility. What do I mean by “bohemian”?   There is no true definition for bohemianism, which is related to but distinct from the Romani people and the historical region of Europe which was called Bohemia.  The Bohemia I refer to is more of a mindset, a culture, a phenomenon.   A bohemian is unconventional, free, creative, intellectual, all of which I strive to be.  Some people call me a hippie, but that doesn’t quite fit.  I just love names that stem from “unconventional” places – names which are perhaps idealistic, poetic, romantic, folksy, reckless, meditative, spiritual, wanderlustful… These are the  types of names which capture my attention and evoke a unique flavor which is all their own, something which I feel is important for a name.

So I’m venturing into the blogosphere for the first time to attempt to list, categorize, define, and explore these types of names.  I’m not calling this a “baby name” blog, because that phrase has always kind of irked me…after all, babies grow up into living, breathing, independent adults someday – and they take their names with them!  So let that name reflect the rich tapestry of humanity that they’re joining!  Names are a celebration of life.

Another reason for this blog is because I’ve never quite understood my passion for names.  I’ve labored over the naming of stuffed animals, pets, Sims (so so so many sims…), and other dream-people.  I guess that by creating this blog, which theoretically is being put out there to the public/blogosphere/internetzland, I’m hoping that these names may actually latch onto real people, or at least influence people who are naming real people! If not, at least I hope to connect with others who share my absolute love of creative names.

There are already some great sites out there that provide searchable databases where you can easily look up the basic origins and meanings of a name.  I do not even aspire to the level of breadth and depth that these sites are able to provide! What I’d like to do is pull together names from one point of inspiration (a particular book, film, or other category) and provide names I find interesting with a brief description and perhaps my opinion of the name; when I think it’s appropriate, I’ll provide a meaning, origin, or other salient information too.  What I am attempting to provide here is a way to discover names and think about words in a new light.   I trust that if you are considering bestowing one of the names I provide on a little human being, that you will look to other sources for more in depth information on it as well, but I hope this site will serve as a jumping off point for those on a name search, as well as a fun addition to the wealth of great blogs out there for us name-enthusiasts.

Happy naming!

xoxo LeeLee

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  1. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added
    I get four emails with the same comment. There has
    to be a way you are able to remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

  2. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

  3. oh i do hope you are still active and reading posts here. i absolutely LOVE this site!!! you are DEF related to me in another lifetime! 10 names! wow! and i thought i was the only one. i didn’t have that many then, but was trying to change the sp of Alice, ugh, gag, choke, die….so now, as a middleaged gurl, i am Legally changing my name. i would say California would have a “Bohemian” attitude when it comes to the rules of name changing and Unfortunately Mass has thee worst!!! 16 letters for 1st, middle, last…..i was struggling with 18 way back in the beginning (late 90s), narrowing it down to like 12-13, most honoring fam members, and the meanings of the other names, tring to get all the meanings i felt important, like “unique”, “little gurl”. I am elated to have, after thousands of hours, come upon my new name. its funny, i read the book 1st in 1981 i think. its called “Mistral’s Daughter”. 3 generations of strong redheaded women! i don’t want to give anything away, in case you find you might like to read it, but at one point, they have a baby and she is screaming and the French father says, “we’ve got ourselves a “Fauve”! meaning “a wild untamed beast”, it rhymes with “drove, cove”. Since much of my past life has been dictated by “Borderline Personality Disorder” i felt a Keen sense that this name WAS me :) i’m going to do a double 1st, i think “Fauve Cinder” “ashes” also has meaning. then for middle im not sure. i want “Angel” and Joely or Joelia for my poor uncle joe who died in his early 30s of undiagnosed ulcerative colitis. he was in horrible pain for a long time. i only knew him when i was 2. but i was born with a kidney obstruction that went undiagnosed for NINETEEN lonnnggg painful years before i almost died and they operated. needless to say, the pediatrician who told my parents when i was 10, “give her an enema and take her to a shrink”…..i dont want to get into the adoptive life of a harvard professor’s daughter but i grew up on Paragoric and hot toddies, opium & booze… now i have been suffering for 5 yrs with pancreatitis, and lately the left kidney’s been painful so back to that again…to attempt to make a long story short, even tho its already long, That is why i wanted uncle joe’s name in my new name, we share chronic undiagnosed Demerol level pain….so maybe Jolia Angel….we shall see. and “Whitney” for last name…in my early 20s, out partyin, my friend said she & her friend were using fake last names, her friend Teal Whild/Wilde, my friend Nicki Wilkes, she christened me Ali Whitney, i was happy with it.
    Once i send in the paperwork and go into Boston to go before the judge (how ridiculous that one must go see a judge to ASK for a name change, boo :( the rules compared to California irk me to no end! Once it’s done i will sing it from the mountain tops, including posting here again :)
    so yes, i hope you are still active on this site, which is truly lovely. One name i thought long and hard about using was Bohème (pn; boh-EMM) i thought, WOW! how cool can it get? a woman online named her twin gurls Reverie & Bohème……hmm, im getting that feeling again, like i want to use it again, lolol….arrgh..need to wrap it up and mail the papers!!!!!

    take care, and thanks for listening to my endless yapping :)

    Signed, Fauve Bohème Whitney (uh ohhh, that sounds exTREMELY AWESOME, may just do it <3

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